You are a beautiful drummer. I like your approach to playing. You have taste and control of volume.
— Colin Bailey

Born in Northern Ireland, Rebecca Montgomery began playing the drums at the age of fourteen. Whilst studying at Methodist College Belfast, Rebecca began her journey to become a professional musician.


Rebecca established herself on the Belfast music scene through her debut with the Ulster Youth Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Ken Jordan from 2005-2012.


In 2012 she graduated from the Ulster University as a Bachelor of Music with Honours and continued to pursue a reputation on the Northern Irish Jazz Scene. During this time, Rebecca gained mentorship from multi-instrumentalist, John Trotter with whom she still gigs with on a regular basis.


As well as a regular schedule and recent broadcasts with BBC Radio Ulster, Rebecca has gone on to play a number of different festivals including: Guinness Cork Jazz Festival, Derry Jazz & Big Band Festival and the Lancaster Jazz Festival. She has also done a number of theatre tours including: ‘Satchmo’ with Rick Swann, ‘An Evening with Ella’ and ‘The Divas Story’ alongside Fiona Scott Trotter.


She continues to liaise with a number of highly respected musicians on the Irish Jazz Scene –

Fiona Scott Trotter (vocals), Dr Linley Hamilton (trumpet), Scott Flanigan (piano), Kyron Bourke (piano/vocals), Dr Steve Davis (drums), Katharine Timoney (vocals), Dave Howell (saxophone), Ronnie Greer (guitar), Nicky Scott (bass), Rohan Armstrong (bass), Rick Swann (trumpet), Gay McIntyre (saxophone/clarinet), Tommy Thomas (percussion).


Rebecca gigs on a weekly basis and continues to share her unique style, development and passion as a professional drummer.


RM Drums EST. 2017.